Mary E. Challinor

Creating portraits is a second career for me. For many years I was a science and medical illustrator and a graphic designer. Ten years ago, I gave up that work and after studying painting and eventually portraiture, I began my career as a painter.

My Portrait work process involves photographing the subject in their own home for a painting, or for a drawing either in their home or mine. If the photographs are to be in the home of the sitter, I require a visit to scout locations and available natural light. In addition, I require a consultation, preferably in person, of the clothing choices.  I then photograph the sitter for about an hour. Small children obviously cannot concentrate that long so they are photographed in about 30 minutes.

After the photographs are taken between 3 and 5 prints are sent to the client. The client chooses the photograph that they want to be the primary pose and facial expression. Size and medium are confirmed at this time as well. A deposit is collected at the time the portrait is begun. Final payment is due upon delivery.

For Landscapes done on commission, the same process takes place. Photographs are taken and then the client chooses among a few for the primary image to be used in the landscapes. Size and shape are agreed upon, and like the portraits, a deposit is collected at the time the painting is begun. Final payment is due on completion.